Way Back Machine: Some of the past CUSA lies


Promised Amiga cases

Stealing Workbench name for OS and not showing it will be themed Linux

Also even C=OS is today beta 9 (almost two years after launch date) they wanted it to have 5.o name since Workbench 5 should be ahead of current AmigaOS Workbench 4.1 – trying to present isetlf fasely as AmigaOS ahead of AmigaOS

(as opossed to real Workbench history)

Read original news and how they praised AROS 

What they promised to AROS community (user Imica, Leo Negro, chief tech of C=USA)

Original news

„In response to an overwhelming demand from Amiga users worldwide, Commodore USA’s CTO Leo Nigro announced today that their new Amiga branded computers will be fully AROS compatible, and that they will be supporting the AROS open source community in every way possible. Mr. Nigro states “With the monumental strides that AROS has recently achieved, we realize the importance of accelerating this progress with funding that will enable this project to rapidly move forward and take it’s rightful place at the forefront of desktop operating systems”. With the recent announcement of their newly updated Commodore C64 model, and the acquisition of the Amiga brand exclusive trademark license, Commodore USA has once again catapulted the Commodore and Amiga namesake to the forefront of consumer electronics brand recognition.

as seen here 

Barron keeps up to it … almost


Commodore USA was not set up as charity to support the development of AROS. It holds less than nothing of interest or importance to me, or 99.999999% of our intended market. It is a product that I or any other company could not use at all, as it has NO commercial value now, as is. So why are you all so concerned??
Our support was to help the group move ahead, and be part of a niche hobby group that seemed initially to be fun. I was wrong. Although some members expressed calm, sane, accurate and positive and open viewpoints, far too many exhibit behavior that is truly reprehensible. What is most amazing is the behavior and comments of the ‘Moderators“ UNREAL!! Aros is not a commercial product; it is not even close to a beta functional OS that has any use at this point in it’s development. Why some of you oppose the ONLY viable source of support is beyond me. Never has AROS received any promotion or publicity that comes remotely close to that that was gotten since my intended involvement. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. Why some of you find every facet of my life of interest is really sad. Don’t you have lives to live?

I’ll address some comments in particular. This is business, not nursery school. You know how much was spent and paid for the Commodore and Amiga IP over the last 15 years. Do your homework…we are talking close to 100 million dollars cumulative over all these years and by all the corporate entities that played the game. Price of entry is steep, and so is execution. Iggy has tons of more info that for some reason he chose not to share with you all.

As far as using abandoned artwork, no problem here. Marko Hirv cannot be reached. Period. I tried. No luck. And yes, I did email the company he is at now….again no reply. Find him…I’ll deal with him, or anyone else that falls into that category. Ever hear of an Iphone, boys and girls? Guess what…Jobs used it, took it, made it his own…knowing all the time it was the IP of Cisco. Ever hear of iTV, another recent product of the Apple guys. Also, no ownership…take it …use it…and then buy it if you must. Lawyers make a ton and the company gets what it wants, and the IP holder is paid. All good, no? That’s just a small example of how business is. I am not saying it is right, just giving you a lesson in reality.

Oh…..ONE MORE THING !!!! All you self righteous self appointed moral compasses out there with the huge mouths and not much else. JUST WHO LICENSED AMIGA.ORG THE AMIGA TRADEMARK PROPERTY APPEARING ON YOUR BANNER MASTHEAD??? NO ONE!!
Any comments on that flagrant violation of trademark law? I’ll be most interested in a reply to that one. Very interested.

So, enjoy your little clubhouse, I wish you well, and am sorry my leap into your little pond caused such an uproar. I never knew such muddy pond could even exist.


Also, how they praise community, Amiga creativity and such

and then at real Amiga portals, you see how they bash all Amigas, especially trolls mentioned in menu


4 одговора на “Way Back Machine: Some of the past CUSA lies

  1. anti-cusa for love Reggae and Amiga 01/07/2012 у 20:48

    Newest update is that C=OS now uses AROS Kickstart
    Added C64 ROMs and AROS ROMs for Amiga emulation (The ROMs are not 100% compatibile but are close). The C64 and AMIGA emulation are now launched full screen. If clicking on a C64 game does not work you may need to tweak your emulator settings to enable either full screen or windowed playback.

  2. JDL 03/07/2012 у 15:58

    This whole project has been nothing more than an ego trip for Barry from the start. Perhaps this was meant to be his legacy for when he passes on and how he wanted people to remember him as the leader of a New Commodore Empire that grew bigger than Dell!

    Back to reality and we see that it is just a load of ideas and dream which, with the exception of the C64x, can’t even make it off the drawing board unless they rebade existing products by other companies.

    Their biggest problem moving forward is Barry himself. From his post we see he is a Type A personallity who doesn’t take well to criticism and refuses to accept that he has made any mistakes. Actually, Leo makes posts that sate that C-USA (not Barry) has made mistakes and then they just carry on doing exactly what they were doing before). The mnore you try and tell Barry that he is wrong the more it seems he insist on digging in and proving he is right, even if it means alienating more postential customers (and there can’t be many of them left).

    Now they’re trying the „franchise“ thing where they hope they can offload the risk of selling to people themselves and instead convince others to pay them for the rights to supply and support their overpriced machines. I pity anybody that invests in this mess.

    • anti-cusa for love Reggae and Amiga 03/07/2012 у 16:08

      True, all true, but Leo also becomes agressive from time to time, and I neva see their PR doing some real PR. Or lawyar and dog doing something. So they are kind of stick with evil Baronn Harkonnen because of moneu invested.
      Thanks to Jah, their licence expires 2018 or so, and there is serious doubt Amiga Inc will find someone else after this debacle. If it becomes cheap, who knows maybe Amiga name will be back in community or even Hyperion machines.
      And they call Acube and A-EON products overpriced. ..

      And yes, my friend, please do vote

  3. TexasClown 07/07/2012 у 15:31

    I’m an old Amiga User, who has moved on many many years ago… I check in every once in a while… especially since CUSA sometimes gets a small article here and there in the PC world. I’ve responded negative to such articles as „look like a hack company with CG models, mock ups and unprofessional site“ On their products page, I clicked on Amiga MIO and the page it opens says C= Vic Mini?! Same computer, different name?

    I’ve read pretty much everything on this page. And to some degree CUSA *IS* right. Amiga *DIED* when Commodore died back in 93~94. The AGA Amigas (butt ugly) are the last true Amigas. We had thought and hoped some BIG company like SONY would buy the IP and tech and DO something. Instead, C= / Amiga devalued and became out-dated. Amiga kind of lives on, as emulation. There is some AMAZING work being done by the Amiga community – but as CUSA says, its a very small fragmented group of fans. But he is wrong, his „company“ has no ability to do anything…. talk about „doing great things and go against Apple“ is a joke! Look at RIM, Nokia – those companies are struggling, yet they still sell more devices today than C= did in its final days.

    The Amiga Mini is a $2000 PC with Linux, that is it. You can BUY cases likes that for almost nothing, stick on LinuxMint… and you are done. Each of these fragments have good ideas… but they are fragments, various ownership issues, a few business fighting for scraps and selling over-priced out-dated tech. The PPC? The military grade CPU that is EOL?

    I’ll say here what I said around 1998~2003 or so when some sort of Amiga was still a company.
    1) Use off-shelf PC x86 parts. Go with AMD CPUs and motherboard (anti intel you know). But go with a standard high quality motherboard. Seriously, going with all these NON-standard CPUs and motherboards drove people away. Hey, even Apple went intel!

    2) With a quality case, make a custom Amiga-like face ($25K to make + production)

    3) Use an excellent version of Linux, give it an Amiga style (but modernized) skin, theme and tools. (legal and low-cost OS development with compatibility with Linux)

    4) Include (if possible) an Amiga emulator for running OLD programs / games and the ability to access OLD data.

    5) perhaps make and include a single IO Card or USB device that would connect to old Amiga hardware / floppies.

    6) Move on. They could have sold such computers for the same price as a WindowsPC. AmigaOS is rather close to Linux as well as their mentality.

    I love my Amiga 1000 and 3000, which they both still work. But they are ghosts of times past. I have recently thrown out 20+ years of VHS tapes and some VCRs. (recycled) I copied all 1000 tapes to a single 3T HD. Getting with the times.

    CUSA is a scam, the video is kind of funny with the guy pasting C= stickers everywhere. Sorry, as an Amiga lover and C=128 owner… C= was a STUPID company and they caused the death of Amgia. Not Apple, not Microsoft. It was us, the users who SOLD Amigas to others, who kept C= alive.

    $1350 for the Amiga mini with an i3 CPU? Go to a PC store, pick up a Lenovo or HP notebook for $350. Includes same i3 CPU, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD, all the standard bells and whistles + a 15″ LCD display. People really spend $1300~2000 for this thing?

    C= did not know how to function like a computer company. When I was a teen, I could have done a better job. I never would have done the stupid PC-hardware junk! How many Amiga users actually stuck those PCs into their A2000?! I’m better a few thousand. What a waste of money and space. Having a de-interlacer in the A2000 would have gone a long way to making the Amigas a BUSINESS computer.

    The Amiga as we know it, will never ever return. It was a different time… and computers were different. Todays people buy $300~800 PCs that are beyond powerful without understanding how they work, or need to know how.

    Respect the old hardware and I’m glad some people still use them today, mostly to play games… which it did very very well.

    PS: My 6yr old son’s PC: AMD X4 core CPU @ 2.8Ghz / 4GB RAM / 500GB HD / ATI 4670 video card with 512mb of RAM and a 20″ LCD display.

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