A500 replica case: What happens when someone does better job then C=USA?

Leo (not a real Negro, but bad, bad Aussie) promised it


They neva did it and dont plan to do, but my stilish bredda Daddy did it!

And this is how fake Amigans say thanks … even they could buy it out and do the magic an mass!


And InI lost AW.net account because I asked about it (AW.net moderators …)


But, hey DADDY DIT IT! So it was wothy!

Loriano is THE DADDY with his nice Italian stylish design! A500 revitalized!

Update: Now Black and Sexy!

X500 Black

Now also in sexy black

The Daddys Website


Just like Reggae is Daddy fi UK Urban music


10 одговора на “A500 replica case: What happens when someone does better job then C=USA?

  1. JDL 03/07/2012 у 15:42

    I like the case and wouldn’t mind buying one. Still waiting one a final price.

    • anti-cusa for love Reggae and Amiga 03/07/2012 у 15:58

      Yes we all are. Loriano has made the black edition.
      That is the real designed spirit. He needs someone to do the mass production
      to get prices lower then in house development of each from components.
      Hope he will make it. But what is astonishing is no wish from C=USA to use it,
      even they promised the same, but terrorizing the people that do good and creative job.
      They don`t like any competition, even they claim they are bussiness

  2. JDL 03/07/2012 у 16:45

    Even though they have used what can only be described as threats towards The Daddy to abandon his work, his design looks like the Dragon 32, BBC Micro, Atari ST and many other 80s computers, plus generic PC all-in-ones made today.

    When he advertises them he needs to use these as his „inspiration“ and have the usual disclaimer that AMIGA is the property of Amiga.inc (not C-USA).

    Hopefully he’ll also post any additional threats here so that they can be passed on to CNET, Slash-Dot, etc.

  3. Повратни пинг: Amiga 500 case Now in Sexy Black « On the Edge: Spectacular rise and fall of C=USA

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  6. marvin droogsma 18/01/2015 у 14:37

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