Next month / ACTA Tribute / Petition

Today, ACTA has fallen, so its time to celebrate. C=USA announces C=OS Fusion and some more „Amiga models… so lets roll to see what is behind …

First, we should hear C=USA mission statement, a mix up of everything out there.

Get ready …

With your help in spreading the word, your evangelism, your suggestions and your support, we hope to take the fight back to Apple, and to take on the ubiquitous PC vendors of the world, like Dell. It is time for a revolution against the ordinary. Think different, be different. Don’t follow the herd. Exclaim, I’m not a PC. I’m not a Mac. I’m a Commodore! I’m an AMIGA!

Who knows what will their next Amiga be? Lets vote

Meanwhile, there is a petition for you to sign, only if you like it

It has come to our attention that Commodore USA is about to launch a new line of „AMIGA(tm)“ branded computers using the classic Amiga(tm) naming convention. These new computers have absolutely nothing in common with the old Amiga(tm) computers other than the name.

This is the reason why we wholeheartedly appeal to you to reconsider using the old classic Amiga numbering in your new line of Commodore Amigas.

P.S. is no longer associated as C=OS support at Distro Watch. Commodore-Amiga forum only.

Update: Amig4Be unofficial forum has been added as reviewer.

Naci uljeze 🙂 Find who doesn`t belong to the awareness
ACTA tribute

Lets get started


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