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Hi guys,

Many people are enjoying the Olympic Games in London these days, while others are playing retro games. Guess I belong to the last mentioned category. Lately I’ve been playing It Came from the Desert on my Amiga. After writing the post about the return of Cinemaware, I just had to try it again.. needless to say, it was hard to stop. 😀 It’s such a great game, atmospheric and challenging. Any of you following the Olympic Games by the way?

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of this post, namely AROS.

It’s done. I’ve decided to go full steam ahead with my AROS plans. That means that I’ll be building an AROS compatible computer. I’m currently gathering all the necessary parts, as well as reading up on the various distributions and the pros and cons with them.

Here’s the specifications of the computer I’m building:

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