130 days+ Repair Service: Norway to US


Yesterday, 07:54 PM#1  Panna

130 days, still havent got my C64extreme back!

Around 10th of April I had to send my C64extreme back to Florida from Norway because it didnt work as it should. Barry, aka Digitex, promised they would fix it ASAP or send me a new one.

Now, over 130 days since I returned it, I still havent got anything back!

I have tried to call them around 100 times without any luck. They never answer. Or, in fact, 2 weeks ago I got in contact with Barry, and he told me that they already had shiped it, and he would send me the „tracking no“ from US Post to me in a email. I havent got any email…But I have sent them a lot of emails, but no answer except once that they told me to relax…!

I am wondering, what kind of company is Commodore now?? Over 130 days, and still nothing is happening!? I have never seen anything poor like this! Anyone else having problems?

  1. Yesterday, 08:32 PM#2

    I’ll have to agree. I really have high hopes for Commodore but I’ve seen several posts around the web with similar complaints about communication and customer service. There is one major aspect missing from Commodore that will make a HUGE difference and that is communication. Many people like myself want more than anything for this company to succeed. Apple for example has a HUGE following of extremely loyal customers that have stuck with the company even when it was on the verge of bankruptcy because they have great communication. If customers feel „loved“ and important they will do amazing evangelistic things for Commodore and withstand long turnaround times.

    – Here is a simple solution.

    Commodore needs to hire a full-time customer service representative (or two). If someone could just check a list of orders, Answer all incoming calls (important), Track RMA’s, shipment times etc and email/call letting customers know „Hey, Commodore is thinking about you“ this would go a long way and more than makeup for the cost of the employees.

  2. Yesterday, 08:32 PM#3

    Reading your post really concerns me. I have for a long time now been thinking about ordering a c64x supreme, and i live in Norway too. But if i am never going to get it back if something goes wrong, i think i might change my mind. But slightly off topic, do you remember how long it took for your c64x to arrive? I mean, since we both live in Norway.

  3. Yesterday, 08:42 PM#4

    This wouldn’t be the first time a thread like this has appeared on the previous forums. Previously they would be deleted. So lets see how this goes.

  4. Yesterday, 08:45 PM#5

    TronPlayer: I agree! I really loved my C64 in the 80´s so I really hope they will be sucessfull now, but with this service……

    SalsaYop: I was in Florida in october, so I got it directly delivered to the place where we lived on the holiday. I guess it normally should take 7-8 days to get it from Florida to Norway, depending on how fast custom(Toll) is in Oslo…

  5. Yesterday, 08:47 PM#6
    Quote Originally Posted by meltedcheese View Post
    This wouldn’t be the first time a thread like this has appeared on the previous forums. Previously they would be deleted. So lets see how this goes.

    If they delete this, then I would be really concerned about this company.


3 одговора на “130 days+ Repair Service: Norway to US

  1. anti-cusa for love Reggae and Amiga 22/08/2012 у 19:41

    Barry responded

    Your C64x Extreme is being shipped today. It is presently being loaded with COS Vision, and will undergo a final check before it is picked up this afternoon by USPS. You will receive an email confirmation with tracking info later today.

    Your experience is just beyond what I would ever expect a customer of Commodore USA to endure, and for this I sincerely apologize. Without even offering any excuses, since there are none, there is an explanation that highlights some of the issues that we have experienced during the past year. It is unfortunate that you had to be the recipient of a perfect storm of miscommunication, horrific customer service, and a customer service issue that simply just fell through the cracks.

    It has been just over one year since we began shipping, and needless to say we were totally caught off guard, and somewhat surprised as to the huge amount of orders that we received, and continue to receive on a daily basis. Thousands of orders have been processed and shipped with absolutely no problems at all. Considering the volume of shipments, there have been very, very few customer service issues that were not resolved in a timely manner. However, that is not to say that all is perfect in OZ, and there has been instances where we were less than stellar in resolving these issues, but nothing like the problem that Panna has had to go through in getting his unit returned to him in Norway.

    Although it may seem to Panna that over 100 calls were made to our office, I believe that number is somewhat exaggerated due to the utter frustration in making contact with us on too many occasions. I will say that since our phone system is strictly VOIP ( we use two service providers; Net Talk and Voice Eclipse, both of which are acceptably reliable as far as VOIP is, we have had problems with calls coming in from various overseas locations. This could explain a part of the communications issues we have had. Additionally, we have changed and updated both our email servers over the last six months, and in the transition from POP to IMAP, we „lost/ misplaced/or simply misdirected emails that were directed to our various email accounts. That issue has been resolved. And finally, when I inquired about Panna’s order status and shipping details, I was given incorrect info from our staff (who, needless to say, is no longer employed here). Put all of these conditions together,throw in a few that I haven’t even included, and I can see how this horror show escalated to the point where Panna had to resort to posting his frustration here on our forum.

    Let me assure all our members, customers and visitors that we are making every effort to resolve these issues. I note that a member here suggested that we hire a full time customer service rep to handle these issues, reply to customers requesting some type of email assistance etc. Luckily, there are so few of these customer service issues that a full time employee is just not warranted. We are very fortunate in this regard, since our barebones units rarely, if ever have any type of problem, other than requests for order status updates and tracking info. Additionally, our configured units enjoy an incredibly low failure rate as we only source components with the highest quality from major manufacturers and OEM suppliers.

    I hope this addresses the very valid concerns that were raised here by Panna, and to those who have an interest in both our company and products.


  2. anti-cusa for love Reggae and Amiga 26/08/2012 у 13:07

    More Barry comes out
    Heed these words: What in the world does your reply have to do with my post above? And what does it have to do with factory defective parts etc? There was no failure of any part, nor can I understand what point you are trying to make. The fact is, this customers problem was not due to any part failure. It was simply caused by a loose fan wire coming loose and hitting the fan blades, creating quite a noise. Now go back and do some speedy customer service/ repair work on that huge pile of defective parts that you luckily have spares for right there on hand.. Heed that!

  3. anti-cusa for love Reggae and Amiga 26/08/2012 у 13:08

    There was also some poor justification „shit can happen“
    Having dealt with many of the ‘big boys’ over the years – HP, Toshiba, Acer, others, I can tell you these things can and do happen from time to time. Until I see a pattern of poor service – which I have not seen as yet from CUSA, I for one am not concerned. Moreover, the CEO of those companies never took care of my problems personally…

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