What is the appeal of MorphOS?

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If you come from an Amiga background and want to know about the similarities and differences between AmigaOS 3.1 and MorphOS, I recommend you to read the guide: MorphOS in 5 minutes – a brief introduction for users familiar with the Commodore Amiga by Ulrich Beckers. It explains it better than I ever could.

It’s a much more difficult task to explain to someone who has never used an Amiga at all of what makes MorphOS appealing to some. I myself comes from an Amiga background so for me it’s „obvious“. But after thinking about it a little, one have to realise that there was something appealing in the original AmigaOS that made people switch to it from other existing OS’s. So I made a little list of what I think, in a nutshell, makes MorphOS my choice of OS (though I use Windows for all the tasks MorphOS can’t do)…

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