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Hello world!

This blog will be dedicated to CommodoreUSA company, since 2010 or so …

Its rarely InI are against something, but there are many reasons why criticism of company

Enjoy and keep in touch!

One love from Serbia!

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Like Baron used to say

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Note: This pages are completely bloated and are intended for several GHz PC with Linux and integrated gfx



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  1. JDL 03/07/2012 у 16:02

    I would like to know how much they are in the red financially. I don’t see things getting any better for them even if they manage to sell rebadged computers from other companies at 4 times the price.

    I wonder if HP, Dell, Acer, etc have considered boosting their quarterly earnings by selling sofas, dinner tables and Lazy-Boy recliners?

    • anti-cusa for love Reggae and Amiga 03/07/2012 у 16:05

      Strange time inna world crisis, but afrer PR wave of „Amiga falseback“ (what a lie!) I have so far seen just one YT video of CommodoreUSA „Amiga“ mini. So they do assamble computers on demand, probably low demand. Amiga was never that popular in US, Americans value their money when compared CUSA machines to any PC and in Europe we do know what Amiga really is …
      so they kind of missed real strategy

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