Amiga mini is dead already … and C=OS Vision is no Vison yet!

Source for Mini removal

Source for incompatibility issues

Amiga mini is no longer i7 blah blah … its now just the case

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  1. Today, 09:07 AM#1

    Amiga Mini gone?

    I checked the CUSA website and noticed the Amiga Mini is gone. Well, it’s still there, but nothing more than an expensive shell.

    What did happen, was it too labor intensive to build all these machines with Zotac Z68 motherboards that only supports Sandy Bridge CPU’s (no Ivy Bridge!) and hot running 65W i7-2600S’es?

    Instead the page refers to the Amiga Mio, a complete unit that Zotac builds themself, still with that outdated Z68 motherboard and only available with an entry-level i3-2100T albeit cool running because of a TDP of 35W.

    Effectively this means CUSA only has this i3 and a couple of Atom configurations available (C64x, Vic Slim). No more state of the art machines that made the Amiga name rise to its fame!!

    As for me? I’ve decided to built my own Amiga Mini (without the C= logo, but I do have one laying around in my „computer museum“ display cabinet!) instead:

    Fitted with a brand new Zotac H77 board and a blazing fast i7-3770T that runs cool at only 45W:

    a fast m-SATA on the board itself with a decent hard drive for storage, and a Bluray burner – with a proper eject button 🙂 .

    It’s sad to see CUSA unable to deliver any high performance ‘Amiga’ computers any more, with all their R&D et al available! 😦

As well as COS isnt really Linux that will go to every x64 PC …

  • Commodore OS Vision is available for free download by the general public.
  • Commodore OS Vision is beta software under continual development and improvement.
  • There are no warranties whatsoever regarding its usage or applicability for any purpose.
  • The focus is entirely on the system working well on Commodore hardware and usage on other systems may vary.
  • Commodore OS Vision is 64-bit software only, to make the most of the latest technology.
  • Commodore classic ROMs are provided with our machines or purchased media only (coming soon).

Please note that Commodore USA does not provide telephone support for this software at this stage.

And yes … Amigatek (Leo) will rip off MINT MATE some more!

Amigatek Commodore CTO Location Melbourne, Australia

Unfortunately, COS Vision did not prove to be the most compatible distro that ever existed, and to be quite honest, it did not set out to be.
Out of necessity we are still mostly concerned with compatibility with the Commodore machines we sell, and its utilization outside of that was as a courtesy.
Also, some of the more advanced features, we implemented by default, also created their own complications on top of an older (yet at the time of development, most stable) base.
COS Vision 2 is currently in development which should hopefully remove the compatibility obstacle.
COS Vision 2 uses the MATE desktop environment which is a fork of Gnome 2 which provides Commodore OS Vision with a truly classic desktop environment.
I cannot provide an ETA at this time, other than the time honed „When it’s done!“ response. 😉…=1085#post1085

COS Vision 1 is Ubuntu circa 2010 at least, as it was based on Mint 10 which was a Ubuntu 10.10 remix.
COS Vision 2 is a Mint 13 MATE remix, with the same interface as COS Vision 1. (Which IMHO is still the best UI)
You know, before the rather unneccesary(IMHO) interface schism between the Gnome and Canonical groups.
COS Fusion which is a different Commodore linux flavour looks like it is Gnome 3 based.
If you need to be more bleeding edge, then you will probably find that the ticket.

Update: C64x is dead for now too …

09-09-2012, 11:11 AM#3

Commodore CTO

Join Date Jul 2012
Location Melbourne, Australia
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For now. We briefly offered a Sandybridge version but we we felt we suffered through too many defective parts from one of our suppliers and decided to discontinue that product. This is not a product announcement, but we are considering various options. I would’t hold my breath though. Let me just say the C64x Supreme with Atom is surprisingly good if I do say so myself.

Last edited by Amigatek; 09-09-2012 at 11:35 AM.

Leo Nigro, CTO – Commodore USA, LLC
Unfortunately, incompatabilties were found with COS with the newer hardware, and a new version is in development.
Your computer can run a multitude of OSes other than COS, and it is regrettable, that at this point of time there is a requirement for your intervention and effort to install one of these.
The lack of a working COS, however, should not have prevented you from using your computer in the meantime with any number of free operating systems available over the internet.
I believe that at least a version of Mint is being installed on machines in the meantime.
I wish I could give you an ETA, but a more realistic answer is ‘when it’s done’.
I would be highly surprised if it is not available by mid November, a year after its launch.
Commodore OS (in its current incarnation) is provided for free to everyone…..and we are making best efforts to support our hardware…….



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  2. drGspot 03/02/2014 у 10:19

    … these x86 computers are not Amigas… :-/
    … they do not have RISC Power((6)PC) CPU introDuced by Phase5 … long time ago…

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