CommodoreUSA fanboys n spammers list, Ignore em

Marketing strategy explained

Explained marketing Strategy

One must notice I do attack company, fan trolling and company announcements and policies, but beside well deserved troll label I don`t attack personal properties of personnas  but expose their nature and bussiness policies. That is big difference.

Also, anyone listed is free to contact I at and explain himself,change etc. and will be removed from what I observe as current troll / propaganda list.

Idea is to IGNORE their posts since at most Amiga boards you cant really block em.

You can on You Tube. And ignore their PR please. Thanks. That would be well enough.

You Tube


Voodo Amiga portal (ex Yugoslavia)

Comm64 only ex-YU CUSA troll alongside Wolf (maybe even the same)

Non Solo (Italy)

New C=USA forum

Elite Class Trolls

Members / just C=USA users. no trolling activity (fooled ones) / Random examples

OBSOLETE: Fake Commodore Fake Amiga Fake Org


List of web resources is maintaned here please let us know of new „resources“ by sending links and exponation to

As SinclairUK CTO said:

Fanboys Wanted to spread the word

posted Oct 21, 2011 by
SinclairUK is looking for fanboys to help spread the word about our new computer systems and do their best to troll on other Sinclair enthusiast forums all over the internet.Any interested parties should reply in this thread stating why they are suitable for the position.


Amig4Be criticism of AmigaOS
Barron attacks Vox
Leo gets Baron Stylee
Another view on the blog
Trolls dislike trolling

CUSA Immitation startegy explained in Dilbert!



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