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RadeonHD on AmigaOS 4 Preview

Trevor /A-EON has posted some info on RadeonHD 7000 series drivers on his blog

Conviniently, HDRLab has posted two new AmigaOS RadeonHD previews

The power of 7?

Number 7

What is it with the number 7? Is it to do with the pillars of wisdom, colours in a rainbow, number of days in a week, Samurai, layers of the OSI model or even the number of deadly sins? ;-) . According to Michael Wu of Halo fame it’s „cause that’s the best number. It’s like rock. Nothing beats rock or 7“. When it come to AmigaOS 4 drivers for the Radeon HD graphics cards the number 7 is the „Holy Grail“.

Radeon HD drivers

You will be pleased to hear that I have been testing Hans de Ruiter’s (OS4 graphics guru) latest Radeon HD drivers and all I can reveal is that the results have put me in 7th heaven. :-) The drivers have now been released to the AmigaONE X1000 beta test team for final checkout and with luck should be available for registered users to download from the A-EON website in the near future. Watch this space.

For the latest AmigaOS 4 Radeon HD drivers please visit: Radeon HD Divers – AmigaOS 4

All graphics cards are created equal, but some are more equal than others!

Half height Radeon HD card

I’ve been testing a lot of Radeon HD graphics cards from the 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series (yes 7xxx series!) in my AmigaONE X1000. One thing I’ve discovered is that not all graphics cards are created equal despite the specification written on the box. They come in all shapes and sizes with various fan and heat-sink arrangements which are either aesthetically pleasing of just plain ugly. Some models start up like jet engines while others are quieter than a mouse.

Passively cooled Rade0n HD card

A few appear to have long initialization times, while other boot up in the blink of an eye. Some cards are svelte, single slot models but many take up two slots. Personally I prefer passively cooled cards and there are suitable cards throughout the Radeon HD series. Fortunately, our good friends at AmigaKit are only stocking Radeon HD graphics cards which have been tested with the AmigaONE X1000 and Sam460 systems.

For more information please visit: AmigaKit’s Website


Lightwave on AmigaOne X1000

AmigaOS 4 is fully recompiled AmigaOS from Motorola 68k code to PowerPC. Any software that is system friendly and can open a Workbench windows works out of box or with minor setting tweaks.

Thanks to Petunia, 68k JIT, a core AmigaOS 4 component in Kickstart 

old 68k software works unemulated blazingly fast.

So recently, an old Amiga raytrace veteran Mike Brantley has  demonstrated Lightwave working on OS4

Also, and old veteran, Image FX  simply works

True step forward – AmigaOS 4

Thanks Mike!