Архиве ознака: Amiga Inc

How is it possible that Commodore(USA)/Amiga is not real Amiga, but AmigaOne and AmigaOS are?

Amiga Inc settled with Hyperion to develop the OS alone in court


And now sells only name.

Buyer is CommodoreUS small LCC that pretends to be big just because of VIC, COmmodore and Amiga names.

And who sold them the name?

Great fake company that didn`t developed AmigaOS at all


And by buying CUSA products you sponsor Amiga Inc


What isn`t a parallel is that each CUSA customer supports Amiga Inc directly through licencing scheme.

Barry Altman sais:

Given the expressed desire to progress from being a licensee to
an owner of both Commodore and Amiga IP, is there any
progress on either of those fronts?
I can’t recall every publically making that statement.
Could you describe exactly how the legal situation stands
regarding the brand names (Commodore, Amiga, with
associated marks like „Boing Ball“ etc), and licenses and
ownership’s thereof?
The Commodore trademark is still being duked out in the courts, as we
have documented on our forum, commodore-amiga.org.
Amiga Inc, continues to own the AMIGA trademark and Boing Ball
trademark amongst other things. Our license covers Boing Ball
imagery on our Commodore Amigas.
How much did you pay Amiga Inc. for the rights to use the
Amiga name on your computers?
Such contracts are confidential between the parties to the agreement.
Do you pay Amiga Inc. a licensing fee for each machine sold, or
was it a single lump sum payment, or a combination of both?
I will this one time indulge you and say, both.