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C=USA support forum is moving to http://forums.commodore.net/

Our dear C=USA felt that, even Commodore-Amiga „support forum“ was moderated by Linnar and BigAussie, they need MORE CONTROL (even their C-A forum was free of any Amiga related topics such as AROS, MorphOS or AmigaOS)


Please visit the new official Commodore USA forum. This site went online on Sunday, July 29th, 2012, and was created to replace the commodore-amiga.org forum, which was running extremely slow and starting to show it’s age. As you may know, the commodore-amiga.org domain is owned by Commodore USA, LLC, but the actual forum itself is owned and managed by terminals, who has done an outstanding job of creating the first forum to feature and showcase the CUSA product line. Since we are not the actual owners of the forum, it placed restrictions on our ability to fully monitor and implement corporate policy and other features that will now become integrated into this official Commodore USA forum, forums.commodore.netThis forum is officially supported by the CUSA staff, and is a great place to talk about and get support for your CUSA products, as well as engage in general Commodore and Amiga chat. The staff of Commodore USA, LLC will no longer be participating on commodore-amiga.org, and will be available to answer all your questions and concerns, as well as engage all our new members on our official site: forums.commodore.net.Please take the time to read our TOS and FAQ. Please understand that this is our official corporate forum, and as such it’s primary purpose is to promote and support our products, customers, potential future customers and those that have an interest in our line of retro and innovative contemporary products.

We invite you to create an account and join us in the discussions!

So up to now 18 active users have moved to http://forums.commodore.net/forum.php

Aussie gets Baron Stylee

Seen so many times, people get like their bosses. And he was a dally good fellow. Its not first time, Barron attacked on religious grounds (See Barry meets VoX) and they have attacked opossition on personal grounds before.

Aussie: Get a life.

Vox: Dont worry I have one 

Get a decent job, really.

You don`t need all this stupidness.

Aussie: The only stupidness I get is from you!!!
You, yes you, are the worst part of this job by far!!!!
I suppose in some demented way that makes   you happy!!!
Do us all a favour and seek psychiatric help!!!

Professional opinion: To grow up, he needs to learn from own mistakes, admit em at list to himself and learn to communicate non-violently, professional burnout

Treatment: Psychoterapy and self-improvement, anger control and course in bussiness communication, going to vacation away from C=USA

—————VoX todays opinion ————————

But Leo, AMIGA (AmigaOne,AmigaOS) is as dead as you, no one gains from such relations with you (playing queen and phantasies of 55 milion customers) and no, you are not bringing anything back, just exploiting life and creativity for $$$. Not a good way to earn money. Will come back in karma. In despite of all your personal efforts, you gave it a bad shot.

Now back to how we reasoned inna  Nov 1 2010

Re: Re: to BigBentheAussie


vox wrote:
BigBentheAussie wrote:
So sad another court case might be on the way.Just a little bit more of diplomacy and promises could make it different
– just contacting A-EON, Hyperion, Minimig and AresOne makers before
and some negotiations could make it better.For example, picking the same software pack and line of AROS support
as AresOne could make it be interesting AROS machine, alongside iMica and AresOne, but with better name and promotion. Granting exclusive
UAE and KS 1.3,3.1 and CD32 could make it out of box classic emulation possible.
Getting AmiKit software pack and licence to use OS 3.9 would make it superb.
Packing Amiga USB mouse and Kempston USB would make it even more like
the ex-Classic Amiga population that is your target. Large archive of ADF files is freely avail, like LemonAmiga.com Even grating all those „companies“ 1$ licence out of your product would be a benefit for both sides.There are frontends to boot to Amiga emulation directly
and could make feel even better,while you can always be an icon in your Linux.When you come with sane policies, for sure I will change my signature.
You promised AROS support in a sound announcement, and AROS community
expectations for sure were the highest. I understand that a programmer wants
estimaned value of driver non commercially, and it seems it`s good for AROS. Might be a exploit of situation too, but I understand is not too demanding for future worldseller.

If understand the web site and your words, now you are down to Linux, that is a nettop category. Next thing you will have to bundle Windows 7 Starter with it.

Also, opposing the existance of PowerPC AmigaOS`s just isn`t OK to its development history: they continue to develop in circumstances of Amiga company that died 1995 and PowerPC market, which is also shrinking. PowerPC chips aren`t that bad (just not cheap as x86), and software just need to develop.

But really having both Commodore and Amiga names you could think of better use for the good of existing (yes, fragmented and weak) AmigaOSs and communities.

Commodore Amiga name is now really part of the past, as well as Classic logo and case designs. So I really see you as nostalgia exploit, not way to future, as retro wave in movies, video games ….

Good luck with your PC product and your affiliation. To really lead to the future, make better use of the present 

Thanks for your suggestions. Some of these things you mentioned are actually on our radar already, but I’m not about to announce anything. So stop thinking the worst.

However, there is what makes sense, and what doesn’t, what is possible, and what isn’t.
There is a reason why things are the way they are….not all of these reasons are made public….but believe me there is a reason for everything from everyone. You see what we’re saying publicly, but you aren’t aware of the stuff going on behind the scenes or from other quarters so you’re seeing things out of context. It’s all political. We get attacked and we are forced to withhold our defense until some of our plans come through. We do have plans, we’re just not going to go announcing them until it’s all nicely tied up in a bow, because the community is ill-equipped to handle that it seems.

Hell, I learned a lot of things about A Inc and Hyperion from Bill the other day that knocked my socks off. If any of it is to be believed people would not have such an Hyperion love-fest. But it’s not my job to defend A Inc, and apart from a few e-mails I know nothing and care less.

Linux is a net-top category? Ummmm yeah. Hmmm… must be why all the Amiga OS flavours keep porting all their programs from it then. Obviously useless…. Yep Linux is useless for desktops, useless for netbooks, useless for tablets….useless for mobile phones no doubt…..I guess an Amiga machine running it would be useless too in your book…. Hmmmm. One of us must be living in an alternative universe. I seem to recall that Amigas were actually good for something….once.

First of all, every current Amiga related project you just mentioned is irrelevant. It’s a tough thing to realise or accept with your indoctrination, but the universe does not actually revolve around them. Maybe yours does, but not 99.9999 percent of what we consider our customers. What we’ll do we’ll take a lead on ourselves and don’t need to consult with anyone, thank you very much. You’re still thinking small-time….and that is why all these hobby companies aren’t getting anywhere. We’re going to re-invent what the Amiga is. A REBOOT!!! We’re looking to take the fight to the likes of Apple, not compete with the AmigaOne. I know that sounds incredibly delusional to you…..I get it….but you don’t know some of the stuff going on behind the scenes on our end. C64 is only the first step…We’ll see where it leads.

These entities you mentioned actually have more to gain by their involvement with us than the other way around. I know that may actually come as a surprise, but not everyone beats to the same drum as you. Most people not only don’t know who these Amiga-related entities are they don’t even know of their existence. I’d say a fair few people have heard of Commodore (possibly 50 million people owned them) and fair amount have even heard about the AMIGA (possibly 5 million people owned them). What they were is secondary to providing a competitive product.

Amiga is dead…maybe you acknowledge this or maybe you don’t… Sorry, but to all intents and purposes for the last 17 years or so, you and I have been living in some sort of zombie infested dreamland. I see dead people. I see dead OSes. WE, not Hyperion, not MorphOS, not AROS, not MiniMig, not Natami….WE… will be the ones taking all the risk in bringing the AMIGA back from the dead, thank you very much, for better or for worse….Everyone else has had their chance. Now, it’s our turn. WE will be the ones that define what an Amiga is, whether the community likes it or not. 

Some time soon it is my hope that we’ll have our own community around our own products. Where useful things about all manner of computer oriented creative endeavours will be discussed. We’ll have a computer system where creative stuff gets done….a community that won’t be tearing itself apart from the insides, and won’t be constantly discussing irrelevant things about endianess and the PPC architecture all day. That is my dream. Our Amigas will be „Beautiful, High-Performance, Home Computers for Creativity and Entertainment“. And relax….they’ll be different. Not ready to share how yet. These sorts of things take time, negotiation, planning and money…..from your end I only ask patience……. I’m not asking you to buy a t-shirt or give a kidney, or even buy one of our AMIGAs if you don’t want to. M’kay? Just give us a break. We’ve only had the AMIGA trademark for two months, and right now it isn’t our priority. 2011 is the year things will start to develop for the new Amiga. I’m not expecting you or anyone actually to be as excited about that as I am. Let’s see how things go. We’ll give it a good shot at least.

Warmest Regards,


Professional bio:


Leo`s past sins


A500 replica case: What happens when someone does better job then C=USA?

Leo (not a real Negro, but bad, bad Aussie) promised it


They neva did it and dont plan to do, but my stilish bredda Daddy did it!

And this is how fake Amigans say thanks … even they could buy it out and do the magic an mass!


And InI lost AW.net account because I asked about it (AW.net moderators …)


But, hey DADDY DIT IT! So it was wothy!

Loriano is THE DADDY with his nice Italian stylish design! A500 revitalized!

Update: Now Black and Sexy!

X500 Black

Now also in sexy black

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