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Timberwolf RC1 Web Browser on AmigaOS

Firefox comes to AmigaOS 4 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timberwolf_(web_browser)



TimberWolf is a bounty funded project to port Mozilla Firefox to AmigaOS 4. [1] It was started in early 2009 as parallel to AmiZilla project that has the same intent. Amizilla had a more complex history, as it was started in 2003 from US firm DiscreetFX with the target of porting any running version of Mozilla engine based Firefox compatible browser to Amiga platforms. As long as Amizilla project was too ambitious the project was closed on November 19, 2009 without producing significative results. Timberwolf project is full managed by Thomas Frieden and Hans-Joerg Frieden (AmigaOS 4 core developers), who work at it as a spare time project. The first release has been made public in June 2010.