Архиве ознака: moderation

Quiting AW.net due to moderation: Seer (Amigaworld.net) moderator`s moderation / banned Amiga.org

leaving AW.net due to double standard moderation / at moderators „polite request“

Until that day, keep in mind why do you lose ELITE USERS that do writte normally, report abuses, tend not to insult people and care for Amiga and even this board.

Seers answer:

Well, IMHO you’re not an elite user nor a great loss. You have some great posts sure, but they are all overshadowed by the badmouthing ones, not forgetting your lovely insulting PMs to the other mods.

With 11 awarded abuse reports, and I’m sure there were many many more against you but never rewarded, that is greatly telling about how people on this site feel about you. (Helgis had 17 AR’s agains him, you’re in the top 20 in the AR list. Good man!)

Sorry but you’re nothing but a cusa hating propaganda machine and spam bot, especially the past few months.

BTW, if you’re so done with us, stop logging on. Be a big man and show some restraint instead of begging to be restricted. Or are you such a weak person that you can’t even do that??

Yes I IMHO BTW can! Thanks for final drop!

  • At same time people that have publicly insulted others and used awful language haven`t been restricted, in the past or in the present. And yes, moderators should be restricted for this kind of language on users. Some people deserved far more abuse points (I don`t deny any of mine) as well as moderators too when they missbehave publicly. 
  • Public and private threats to users by moderators? (ZeroHero and Seer?). Never seen it at any board.
  • Locking threads under label of protecting Helgis? C=USA should copy that.
  • Restricting users for reviving old threads? Unique.
  • Not restricting users that curse and attack even in PM
    (as well as mods that do that too). Priceless.

Small update is same eternal ban from amiga.org delivered with mr. moderators

rudeness because of reviving one 2010 thread to prove C=USA don`t deliver what is promised.

Nevermind, AMIGANS.NET remains, as C=USA free place, so no worrt I will be banned there,

as well as I will continue being part of Amiga community. Blog and one community website, more good lifetime 🙂

Raggy road you make it mr. moderators, playing on high power and ego, forgetting it was just reviving old threads

with arguments and attitudes. Nothing immoral or illegal, unlike some really trolling and abusing your boards

to „sell their fog“. Some real moderation is needed, and that is not threatening good users. If you are not part

of solution, mus be part of the problem.


Nameless experience with older Commodore-Amiga.org board

Source: Amigaworld

I used to try to post in their old forums and also tried to be fair about my suggestions and improvements they could make.

I say ‘try’, as a large percentage of my posts were edited or deleted entirely. It became pointless to even post on their forums, as one had to dance around certain subjects very carefully, then hope one’s post didn’t simply just vanish.

I can understand editing obscene, vulgar or combative posts, but that isn’t what commodore’s forums are about. They are about increasing sales for them, and when someone says something like their computers may be overpriced, or perhaps they should include an Amiga-like OS on their Amiga system, they tend to not like that very much.

It’s really incredibly silly and makes an open discussion impossible. I also was always baffled by the ‘rah rah’ posts, where CUSA would make a somewhat lame post, like ‘super secret announcement coming!’… or ‘COS will now have even more screen effects!’… and they’d get odd followup posts gushing over their ‘non-announcements’, and like half a dozen thank yous per post. I am guessing they were mostly just employees doing those followup posts, but it made their forums look even less professional than they already were.

I never took screenshots or anything like that, if that’s what you are asking. And since the forums aren’t there anymore, it’s not like I can point to my previous posts on the forum. You don’t really need proof of censorship on their old forums, as it was common knowledge. I recall one moderator stating that even his posts had been deleted at one time or another. Everyone who used that forum eventually realized that posts were censored.

My basic experience was something like this…

I recall someone posting constructive criticism on a thread when the amiga minis first came out. He went of his way to say his post was meant as constructive, but he had some issues with the pricing. I followed up in agreement, also comparing prices to iMacs and Alienwares, saying how it’s even more expensive than them and if they want to be competitive, they really need to lower their prices.

Next day entire thread was gone. Myself and the other poster put up a thread asking why a thread on constructive criticism was censored — and also pointing out that we were polite, no arguing or anything like that. And our thread on censorship was also deleted entirely.

As for other situations… I recall a thread about their OS or why AOS should be ported to CUSA… several posts were deleted from that one, including a rant against Barry from someone with a moderator tag (I could at least understand deleting that specific post). Basically any posts that pointed out the fact that their Amigas were lacking in Amiga-like features or were too expensive, had a good chance of getting edited or deleted entirely.

My last post was in a thread with an eager pro-cusa person, where I was trying to stress than their Amiga should have some unique features (either software or hardware) and not simply be a run of the mill PC with Linux installed. I was polite, but that post got deleted too. After that, I just said goodbye and good luck…