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C=USA support forum is moving to http://forums.commodore.net/

Our dear C=USA felt that, even Commodore-Amiga „support forum“ was moderated by Linnar and BigAussie, they need MORE CONTROL (even their C-A forum was free of any Amiga related topics such as AROS, MorphOS or AmigaOS)


Please visit the new official Commodore USA forum. This site went online on Sunday, July 29th, 2012, and was created to replace the commodore-amiga.org forum, which was running extremely slow and starting to show it’s age. As you may know, the commodore-amiga.org domain is owned by Commodore USA, LLC, but the actual forum itself is owned and managed by terminals, who has done an outstanding job of creating the first forum to feature and showcase the CUSA product line. Since we are not the actual owners of the forum, it placed restrictions on our ability to fully monitor and implement corporate policy and other features that will now become integrated into this official Commodore USA forum, forums.commodore.netThis forum is officially supported by the CUSA staff, and is a great place to talk about and get support for your CUSA products, as well as engage in general Commodore and Amiga chat. The staff of Commodore USA, LLC will no longer be participating on commodore-amiga.org, and will be available to answer all your questions and concerns, as well as engage all our new members on our official site: forums.commodore.net.Please take the time to read our TOS and FAQ. Please understand that this is our official corporate forum, and as such it’s primary purpose is to promote and support our products, customers, potential future customers and those that have an interest in our line of retro and innovative contemporary products.

We invite you to create an account and join us in the discussions!

So up to now 18 active users have moved to http://forums.commodore.net/forum.php