C=USA can turn anything to Commodore or Amiga

But they will call it Commodore Amiga, not CommodoreUSA „Amiga““ as it is.

Source: Amiga World

Just for score keeping here is a list of all the hardware cusa has mentioned or made over the last few years. If anyone has any additional info then lets keep a record.I did one make a list of their products, both existing and „future“ models, but for the life in me I can’t find it. So I will try and list it all again.

Now I lost my original list with all this on. So I had to piece it together from my own posts and what I could remember. If anyone can remember anything else then please let me know and we could update this.

————————————— VoX Comments ——————–

  • Hardware is only difference between brands, and at same time can be traded (e.g. C64x Ultimate) to be equal with new series.
  • Original itention was to have VIC as low level line, C64x as mid level offer and Amiga as high end (Barry promised $20 000+ Amiga)
  • There are Future models  they tend not to make
  • Several projects were announced and withrawn,such as A500x , Amiga 500 case copy but it was done by Loriano, Italy




And now some real Amigans responses



FB group http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anti-CUSA-Anti-Commodore-USA/128459627221419
From Aw.net
by Fransexy on 26-Jun-2011 2:07:55
pardon????!!!!! You want an AmigaOS like OS on x86? you have AROS. You want an Amiga branded computer not matter what it have inside? you have CUSA computers. I do not understand your feeling about that but i do not force you to use PowerPC Amigas Running AmigaOS. instead you are always force to convince us that PowerPC is dead, That AmigaOS 4 is not real AmigaOS, you always are joking of us for want what we really want and not what any other people want to force us to want. AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL WE TOTALITARIANS? You have a seriuos psicologic problem, sincerely if you are not trolling and you really think what you are writing you need a profesional help
Only channel you cant comment
It has come to our attention that Commodore USA is about to launch a new line of „AMIGA(tm)“ branded computers using the classic Amiga(tm) naming convention. These new computers have absolutely nothing in common with the old Amiga(tm) computers other than the name.

This is the reason why we wholeheartedly appeal to you to reconsider using the old classic Amiga numbering in your new line of Commodore Amigas.
To Cusa people:
You see, we already have Windows machines at home (finished Dead Space 2 a while back), what could Cusa offer that we don’t already have three trillion times better and more powerful already?
So „what Hyperion can offer instead“ you ask? Years ago among different computer platforms I/we chose Amiga, I had my A2000 expanded with CPU card and RTG, and were learning my profession on it. I would’ve never switched if new machines (and OS timely updates) came out.
I’m here to see (and support the effort) if they can pick the last pieces and create something I can use as my everyday computer, which happens to be the next step in what I left behind and I’m not willing to waste my time with anything else as I lready have a powerful modern computer
So something for you to understand once and for all (I’ll call it point A for future reference):
A) AmigaOS and future AmigaOS computers have a reason to be, they are the direct continuation of the last step taken by the platform we know and love, and we care to see whether or not they manage to bring it back to viability (not mainstream). Cusa on the other hand it’s not the continuation of anything and sadly, it doesn’t offer us what Bill Gates does. If you are not the continuation of AmigaOS, you must be better than Gates to grab attention otherwise you are pointless.
Cusa needs more than advertise with Tron in order to look better than Bill Gates to everybody’s eyes here. And needs the Amiga Operating System to be Amiga.
Now for point B:
B)“AmigaOS it’s behind and I don’t want it!“ Let me give you an advice then: go to your local super-market and buy an HP PC for cheap. Feel free to place and Amiga sticker from Amiga Inc. on it and install AmigaOS4.0 theme available for WindowsBlinds. Finally you have an Amigaish desktop that belongs to a platform that sells billions of machines, it’ powerful fully featured and costs peanuts. Yeah it’s not Amiga but who cares…).
Point C)
„But I want Amiga!“ Then check out what Hyperion brings out in terms of next OS updates and new computers.
And that’s basically all there is to it folks.

Down: Example of CUSA propaganda



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