Daddy criticism of C=USA

by TheDaddy on 26-Jun-2011 9:05:59


WOW! Congratulations! Nice sneaky way to create yet another CUSA thread to which I need to reply as some people here seem to be a little forgetful or want to forget things, events, hoping that time will blow them away.

I’ll quickly summarise things for you but I am sure that Darrin will have a few things to add. They are all based on hard evidence.

It is TRUE that CUSA have always said this is the new C64x and the new Amiga will come soon – FACT

It is TRUE that in order to jeopardise Hyperion’s efforts and have a go at AmigaOS4 they wanted to call their „OS“ Workbench 5 (which even a child can presume that since 5 is bigger than 4 then it must be better and newer – FACT

It is TRUE that they have very POOR manners and have managed to alienate a big chunk of the community – FACT

It is TRUE that they have set up a „business“ quickly and roughly using other people’s work without permission – FACT

It is TRUE that they have made a C64 replica

It is TRUE that their associates (fans and staff) have spammed 90% of the Internet -FACT

It is TRUE that their fans keep on bashing Trevor’s A-Eon company, the A1X1000, Hyperion and so on – FACT

It is TRUE that CUSA treat people as if they were stupid or ignorant -FACT

It is TRUE that you can’t compare Hyperion’s/ACube’s/etc developments to that of a system builder – FACT

It is TRUE that all their other systems haven’t been developed by CUSA but purchased and sold on because the shape is VAGUELY reminiscent of the shape of the real Commodore Vic20 – FACT

It is TRUE that the other models they present as the 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 are nothing more than a common black case (available anywhere) with Intel i3, i5 and i7 inside – FACT

It is TRUE that originally CUSA claimed to have a new OS, but when pushed it came out to be a re-skinned Linux Ubuntu with added „functionality“ – FACT

It is TRUE that CUSA fans (all the people who have been behind „port the OS to x86“ campaign for years) would not give a dam if it’s a real Amiga or not as long as the Amiga and Commodore names are on the case then it won’t matter, what it matters is that the computer has the Amiga and Commodore name on, to them the OS doesn’t mean anything, it IS JUST the name that counts. – FACT

It is TRUE that above fans don’t really care about the Commodore and Amiga history, they don’t mind it being dragged through the mud as long as they can achieve what they want – FACT

It is TRUE that there have been some serious shady business tactics, bullying, offensive and intimidatory emails/posts – FACT

I’ll repeat what I said in YET another CUSA thread:

Wouldn’t have been easier to say: „Sorry we’ve f*cked up, we wanted to impress“, it would have been a more honourable thing to do but no.

Just say „we want to make x86 compatible machines and slap the Commodore and Amiga name on because we know that we’ll sell a few.“ I would have had more respect for such a candid and honest way of approaching us.

This looks like Bill McEwen’s last hope to have a go at Hyperion and the only way to do this is to license the name on anything he can possibly think of hence CUSA, iContain, tablets with the Amiga name on, toilet paper and so on.

And why? Because he has actually got no products at all, zero, the absolute nothing. There was a questionable OS that was demonstrated a few years back that could be moved from one device to another but then nothing, the abyss, the emptiness and the uselessness of it all is staggering. One of the worst things that ever happened to our beloved platform was it being driven away from us by a trucker.

There is nothing Commodore or Amiga but the name.

I tried to keep it as succinct as possible for you.


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